Bedroom Bed
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The MALMO bed is the perfect bed for small spaces. Transform your shelves into a single bed in no time and maximize the use of floor space when needed. This transformable bed comes with 4 components that can be used as free-standing shelves or can be fixed together to make a bed when necessary. It can also only function as a permanent bed when storage is key; the boxes at the bottom of the bed make room for ample storage, perfect for storing quilts, pillows and bed linen or even books, shoes, clothes or whatever you need to put away. The design and use of the bed allude to a comfortable, clean and modern lifestyle exemplified by the culture of the city that it is inspired by, Malmo. Mattresses of different thicknesses can be used since it has flexible bedsides. Use fixing devices to clamp the bed together when needed, provided with the bed.



Functional Home
Engineered Wood
Length: 2100 mm 
Width: 1045 mm
Height: 600 mm 
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