Living room Sofa and Armchair
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The Malmö Sofa Set is a functional sofa series that can be put together into exactly the sofa combination you want and need ‒ both big and small. It alludes to a comfortable, clean and modern lifestyle exemplified by the culture of the city that it is inspired by, Malmö. This comfortable set of the sofa comes with modular Corner Seater, Back Rest Seater, and Single Seater. The seater can be converted quickly and easily into a spacious bed all you need to do is remove the back cushions (if needed) and can then be effortlessly converted back to your bedroom, guest room or into a living room again.

Dark Blue
Functional Home
Mahogany, Engineered Wood
Length: 2155 mm
Width: 1990 mm 
Height: 630 mm
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